2021 Event Announcement

Season’s Greetings!

You have been patiently waiting for this, I know. So without further ado, let’s get started. The 2021 Galootaclaus event is underway and the signup form is online.

The matches will be mailed on November 10th.

Key delivery due dates this season are:

— Monday, November 29 (Hanukkah)

— Saturday, December 25 (Christmas)

— Saturday, January 1 (New Year’s Day)

— Monday, January 17 (end of season – Ben Franklin’s birthday)

As always, have fun with this!

2020 Signup Form Is Now Online

That’s right, you’ll see the link to it in the menu bar near the top of each page.

Folks, this calendar year has been such a hot mess worldwide that we and our families have well earned this final opportunity to close the year out on a positive note. So when you sign up, please do so with the intent to add a little something to your parcel for the recipient’s spouse or children. It’s a nice touch in an ordinary year and sure to be an especially uplifting moment this year.

2020 Event Announcement

Gracious Galooterati,

It seems that this year of all years the whole world could use a reminder of the good will, civility and generosity that exists in the hearts of people everywhere. With that thought in mind let us make this year’s Galootaclaus event the epitome of socially distanced merrymaking and good cheer.

The registration period will commence on Sunday, October 18th and will end on Saturday, October 31st.

Matches will be made in the first few days of November and will be emailed to you on Thursday, November 5th.

Key delivery due dates this season are:

— Friday, December 11 (Hanukkah)

— Friday, December 25 (Christmas)

— Friday, January 1 (New Year’s Day)

— Sunday, January 17 (end of season – Ben Franklin’s birthday)

2019 Signup Form Is Now Online

Gracious Galooterati,

The signup form is now online here

We are going to try an abbreviated signup period this year, lasting just a week, because most folks who read The List generally seem to have long ago made up their mind whether or not they’re going to participate. Also, the various gift-unwrapping holidays are closely clustered on the calendar this year. So without further ado, let’s get started!

2019 Event Announcement

It’s kinda hard to believe that November is just around the corner but yes, it’s that time of year again.

The signup form will be put online on Saturday, November 2nd.

As always, new participants are most welcome to join in the fun. This isn’t just for the Usual Suspects!

Gentlemen, get thee to your workshops!

The matches have been made and the notifications have been sent out. Time to get busy!

We have a total of 35 participants this year, of which a couple are first-timers.

See you in December as the packages get opened and the photos roll in!

Happy Galooting, everyone.

Get ready!

This year’s signup period has ended. Current registrants will be notified of their matches within the next couple of days. Stay tuned!