Welcome to the web site of the annual Galootaclaus gift exchange, sponsored by the Old Tools List.


The members of the Old Tools List hold a “Secret Santa” gift exchange every year. Being galoots, they have fashioned the non-denominational name “Galootaclaus” to represent both the name of the annual event and the name of one’s secret gift- giver. The other guy you may have heard of, the “Elf Wrangler,” is the Old Tools List member who organizes the event, keeps tabs on its participants, and who operates this web site. This web site is thus used to register each year’s participants, and to permit them to display photos of the gifts they have received.

The gift exchange event is open to Old Tools List members worldwide. As long as the list members know who you are (by virtue of your past participation in list discussions) then you are invited to play. Everyone who plays will receive a gift and is obliged to send one.

How The Event Works

This is a “secret santa” gift exchange. The twist is that it is conducted entirely online by people across the globe, many of whom will seldom if ever meet in person.

Members of the Old Tools List sign up here during October to participate in that year’s exchange. Giver/Receiver matches are made in early November and each individual is notified by private email of the name, email and postal address of his or her recipient. Every participant is both a giver and a receiver. Gifts are expected to arrive at any time on or around Christmas, Hanukkah or New Years depending upon the receiver’s stated preference. Recipients are encouraged to submit a photo or two to this web site to both thank their benefactor and naturally, to crow a little about what they’ve received. There are no dollar limits for the gifts themselves. Folks are encouraged to use their personal discretion.

It’s fun, and also of considerable interest to spouses and children.